I’m a Game Developer and Senior Engine Programmer (C++) with experience as Engine Team Lead at Paradox Development Studio. I have experience of working on Paradox Interactive Strategy titles (PC, macOS, Linux), small Xbox 360 indie games and iOS/Android multi-media apps and mini-games. My specialisations include CPU/GPU/Memory optimisation, networking and mathematical-based systems. With a PhD in Applied Mathematics I have a good understanding of mathmematical systems and enjoy using this knowledge to improve systems and workflows. As Engine Team Lead I also have experience of planning projects and team management. I’m currently happily employed at Paradox Interactive and I’m not interested in job offers, but I love talking tech and helping with challenging problems - so feel free to hit me up on Twitter or meet at an upcoming Meetup or GDC!

Project Highlights

  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker Twitch Mod

  • Grimrock Model Toolkit

  • Kingmaker Webcam Mod

  • Pixel Grinder

  • macOS Batch Image Resizer

  • Ikaroids (Xbox 360)