Gaming on the 12 inch Macbook (2016)

After travelling quite a lot during 2016, I decided to pick up a 12-inch MacBook so that I could travel light and run Xcode/Jekyll on the go. I didn’t expect much from a 1.2Ghz m5 processor but, in preparation for a recent trip, I downloaded some games to try out regardless. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, even if I won’t be playing my favourite AAA games away from home.

Migrating from WordPress to Jekyll

Having recently decided it was time to revamp and simplify my blog, what better way to improve it's speed and security than getting rid of the dynamic element completely. Moving to Jekyll has been an interesting experiment with many twists and turns.

Disabling FreeImage Plugins

FreeImage is a popular, open source library for reading and writing images in over 30 different formats. We only needed 6 formats in a recent project, so disabled the other plugins to make builds faster and smaller.

Photoshop Sprite Sheet Generator Script Released

I recently wrote a Photoshop Plugin that exports a layered PSD file as a flat spritesheet where each layer represents a single sprite on the final image. The script currently supports just a simple grid layout of each layer and makes no special efforts to account for blank space around each layer.

Sprite Font Builder - Version 0.8.0 Released

Originally intended as a small spare-time project to learn more about the Qt framework, Sprite Font Builder ended up growing bigger than I had originally imagined. I wanted to add something to this application to make it stand out from other bitmap font creators…

Sprite Font Builder Preview

I've been working on a small Qt application which allows you to generated fancy bitmap fonts for use in 2D game engines. Read more to find out about my latest progress.

Fixing 'Invalid Binary - Invalid Signature' on the iOS App Store

While working on a recent iOS App for a client, I ran into a problem after submitting the app to the App Store. Read more to learn about potential ways to fix 'Invalid Binary - Invalid Signature' errors.

Legend of Grimrock Oriental Weapons Pack 0.4.0 Released

Having recently picked up a copy of MODO 701 with the intent of learning a bit more about 3D modelling for any Indie Games that I decide to put together in the future, I thought I good learning exercise would be to build a set of models for modders to use in their custom dungeons for Legend of Grimrock. While the mod-scene is quietening down a bit at the moment, I figure I should have a pretty big pack put together by the time LOG2 comes out and it should be easy to port them across.

Plist Pad 0.1.0 - Plist Editor for Windows Released

Plist Pad is a Propertly List / Plist file editor for Windows (and soon, OSX and Linux). It is intended to bring a friendly and simple to use interface to Plist editing on operating systems other than OSX and will provide a number of features in the future to make editing large plist files easier (such as find/replace).

Legend of Grimrock Graphics Atlas Toolkit (Mod-Tool) Release

Legend of Grimrock is a modern take on the classic dungeon crawling RPG in the style of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. After playing through the main campaign, I started to get involved with the Grimrock Modding Community, something that ended up being a lot of fun. If you’re partial to some modding yourself, and enjoy classic dungeon crawling, you could do a lot worse than get involved with the very friendly and talented Legend of Grimrock Modding Community.

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