A standalone mod for Pathfinder: Kingmaker by Owlcat Games which integrates with Twitch to allow people who are watching you stream to control parts of the game.

This mod for Pathfinder: Kingmaker adds Twitch Chat integration so that your viewers can take control of a familiar in the game world and cast a plethora of spells to aid (or hinder) your progress.

While playing with this mod, you can use the “Twitch Familiar Overlay” to add a buff to your main character which creates a familiar in your party. From that point onwards, anyone in your Twitch Chat (whether you are live or not) can type !control to take control of the familiar for a couple of minutes and then cast spells by typing !cast into the chat.


Install Instructions

  1. Download the UnityModManager.
  2. Download the zip below containing the mod files.
  3. Unzip and run the UnityModManager.
  4. First, you will need to patch the game to run mods. Select Pathfinder: Kingmaker from the Install tab and install the Mod Manager.
  5. Now go to the “Mods” tab and click “Install Mod” and point the mod manager to the zip file containing the mod.
  6. Run the game!

Important Note: If there is an update to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, you will need to re-run the UnityModManager to reinstall the patch into your game, but you won’t need to re-install the mod.

Another Important Note: You should hit “DESTROY” to remove the custom buff this mod adds to your main character if you would like to be able to use your save game again in the future without this mod installed. i.e. If you save with the buff running on your main character, you won’t be able to load that save without this mod. However, if you load up a save, click “DESTROY” and hit save, it should remove all remnants of this mod from the save game so it is clean and safe to use again.


Grab the latest version of the mod below;

Change Log


  • The familiar’s HP is now 100x the party level.
  • Adds the !heal-me command which heals the most wounded party member (and can be cast by anyone if nobody is in control).
  • Adds the !help-me command which casts a random buff on a random party member (and can be cast by anyone if nobody is in control).
  • Adds the !summon command which can be used to summon new enemies into the game.
  • Adds some new !transform forms for the familiar (Nighmare, Wisp and more).


  • Fixes an issue where old instances of the Twitch familiar weren’t always cleared up correctly.

Chat Controls

The following documentation describes the different commands you can type if you are watching a streamer using this mod.


  • !control: Type this to take control of the familiar for a period of time (if nobody else has control). You keep control until someone else claims it.
  • !transform (creature): When you have control, this transforms the familiar into a different creature (list of options below).
  • !cast (spellname) [target]: When you have control, cast the specified spell. The spellname should be a valid name from the list below. Target can be either “self”, “player” or “enemy”. You can also target specific characters by typing (the first few letters of) their name.
  • !move player: Move the familiar up to the main character.
  • !move [n|e|s|w|nw|ne|sw|se] [units]: Move the familiar X units in the given direction (try units around 2-5).
  • !help-me: Cast a random buff on a random PC.
  • !heal-me: Cast a heal spell on the most wounded PC.
  • !summon (creature): Summon a new enemy for the streamer to fight (see below).

Familiar Transformations

When using the !transform option, you can transform into the following creatures;

  • Standard Creatures: bear, boar, centipede, dog, elk, leopard, mammoth, monitor, smilodon, wolf.
  • Subscriber Only Creatures: faeriedragon, hellhound, ratswarm, ravenswarm, shockerlizard, trollhound, unicorn, waterelemental, direwolf, airelemental, earthelement, fireelemental.
  • New Creatures: dweomercat, giantspider, nightmare, owlbear, shamblingmound, tatzlwyrm, wisp.

Example: !transform boar

Casting Spells

There are a couple of hundred spells that you can cast. Here are some examples to get you started.

  • !cast CureLightWoundsMass player: Cast “Cure Light Wounds, Mass” on the main character.
  • !cast Haste: Cast “Haste” on the familiar (which affects the whole party).
  • !cast FormOfTheDragonIBrass player: Cast “Form of the Dragon I (Brass)” on the main character.
  • !cast LightningBolt player: Cast “Lightning Bolt” on the main character.
  • !cast Barkskin Amiri: Cast “Barkskin” on “Amiri” if she is in your party.
  • !cast Heal Octa: Cast “Heal” on “Octavia” (or any character starting with ‘Octa’ in your party).
  • !cast ChainLightning Assassin: Cast “ChainLightning” on the nearest enemy called “Assassin”, if one exists.


  • !cast LightningBolt enemy: Cast “Lightning Bolt” on the nearest enemy.

Useful Spells

CureCriticalWounds, CureCriticalWoundsMass, DelayPosion, DelayPoisonCommunal, FindTraps, FormOfTheDragonIBrass, PolymorphGreaterShamblingMound, ProtectionFromElectricityCommunal, ResistCold, Slow, Stoneskin, Web.

Creature Summons

Possible Creatures so far;

  • CR1: wolf, goblinalchemist, goblinfighter, goblinarcher
  • CR2: boar, worg, leopard
  • CR3: direwolf, earthelemental, airelemental, fireelemental, waterelemental
  • CR4: bear, direboar, megaloceros
  • CR5: cyclops, monitorlizard, nightmare

Even More Spells (but not all!)

AcidArrow, AcidBomb, AcidFog, AcidSplash, Aid, AnimalGrowth, AspectOfTheBear, AspectOfTheFalcon, AspectOfTheStag, AspectOfTheWolf, Bane, Barkskin, BearsEndurance, BearsEnduranceMass, BeastShapeI, BeastShapeII, BeastShapeIII, BeastShapeIVBase, BeastShapeIVShamblingMound, BeastShapeIVSmilodon, BeastShapeIVWyvern, BladeBarrier, Blasphemy, Bless, BlindingBomb, Blindness, Blur, BombStandart, Boneshaker, BullsStrength, BullsStrengthMass, BurningArc, CallLightning, CatsGrace, CatsGraceMass, CauseFear, ChainLightning, ChannelEnergy, ChokingBomb, Cloudkill, ColorSpray, ConeOfCold, ConfusionSpell, CureCriticalWounds, CureCriticalWoundsMass, CureLightWounds, CureLightWoundsMass, CureModerateWounds, CureModerateWoundsMass, CureSeriousWounds, CureSeriousWoundsMass, Daze, DelayPoison, DelayPoisonCommunal, DispelMagic, DispelMagicGreater, Displacement, DragonsBreathBlack, DragonsBreathBlue, DragonsBreathBrass, DragonsBreathGold, DragonsBreathGreen, DragonsBreathSilver, EarPiercingScream, ElementalBodyIAir, ElementalBodyIEarth, ElementalBodyIFire, ElementalBodyIIAir, ElementalBodyIIEarth, ElementalBodyIIFire, ElementalBodyIIIAir, ElementalBodyIIIEarth, ElementalBodyIIIFire, ElementalBodyIIIWater, ElementalBodyIIWater, ElementalBodyIVAir, ElementalBodyIVEarth, ElementalBodyIVFire, ElementalBodyIVWater, ElementalBodyIWater, EnlargePerson, EnlargePersonMass, EnlargeSelf, Entangle, ExplosiveBomb, FaerieFire, FalseLife, Fear, Feeblemind, FindTraps, Fireball, FireStorm, FlameStrike, Flare, FormOfTheDragonIBlack, FormOfTheDragonIBlue, FormOfTheDragonIBrass, FormOfTheDragonIBronze, FormOfTheDragonICopper, FormOfTheDragonIGold, FormOfTheDragonIGreen, FormOfTheDragonIRed, FormOfTheDragonISilver, FormOfTheDragonIWhite, FoxsCunning, FreedomOfMovement, Glitterdust, Grease, Haste, Heal, HealMass, Heroism, HeroismGreater, HideousLaughter, HoldPerson, HoldMonster, HolyBomb, HurricaneBow, Hypnotism, IceStorm, InflictCriticalWounds, InflictLightWounds, InflictModerateWoundsMass, Invisibility, InvisibilityGreater, InvisibilityMass, Ironbeard, Jolt, LightningBolt, Longstrider, MageArmor, MageLight, MageShield, MagicFang, MagicalVestment, MagicMissile, MindBlank, MirrorImage, ObscuringMist, OwlsWisdom, PhantasmalKiller, Poison, PoisonDartSpell, PolarRay, PolymorphElementalAir, PolymorphElementalEarth, PolymorphElementalFire, PolymorphElementalWater, PolymorphGreaterDragonBlack, PolymorphGreaterDragonBlue, PolymorphGreaterDragonBrass, PolymorphGreaterDragonGold, PolymorphGreaterDragonGreen, PolymorphGreaterDragonSilver, PolymorphGreaterElementalAir, PolymorphGreaterElementalEarth, PolymorphGreaterElementalFire, PolymorphGreaterElementalWater, PolymorphGreaterShamblingMound, PolymorphGreaterSmilodon PolymorphGreaterWyvern, Prayer, ProtectionFromAcidCommunal, ProtectionFromArrowsCommunal, ProtectionFromCold, ProtectionFromElectricityCommunal, ProtectionFromEvil, ProtectionFromFire, Rage, RayOfEnfeeblement, RayOfFrost, ReducePerson, RemoveBlindness, RemoveCurse, RemoveDisease, ResistAcid, ResistCold, ResistElectricityCommunal, Restoration, RestorationLesser, RestorationGreater, Resurrection, RighteousMight, ScorchingRay, SearingLight, SeeInvisibility, SenseVitals, Shout, SlayLiving, Sleep, Slow, Snowball, SoundBurst, SpitVenom, Stoneskin, Stormbolts, Sunbeam, TelekineticFist, ThornBody, TrueSeeing, TrueStrike, TurnUndead, UnholyAura, VampiricTouch, Web.