If you have any questions about my projects or blog, then you’re welcome to send me an email at the address below. Please note - I’m often pretty busy, and get a fair amount of email - so I’m more likely to respond if you keep it short and intelligable. If you just want to say hello or make contact, then ping me on Twitter.

While I used to take on contract work on an ad-hoc basis, I’m currently employed full-time at Paradox Interactive, and have a lot of spare time projects which doesn’t leave me any time to do contract work any more. If you’re looking for an iOS Developer who works on a contractor basis with a long history of app development - then check out my good friend Ben Dodson.

I’m also not actively looking for work at the moment, so if you’re a recruiter looking to get in touch, the best thing you can do is to say hello on LinkedIn so that we’re in touch for if/when I’m looking for work in the future.