If you would like to get in touch with me for whatever reason, please feel free to send me an email at the address below. I try to respond to all emails, but some occassionally slip through the cracks - so if you just want to say hi or have a short enquiry, it's probably better to reach out to me on Twitter.


As I get a lot of emails about various different topics, I've compiled the responses I tend to give to the most common enquiries below.

Common Topics

If you are contacting me for one of the reasons below, then these notes might already answer your question. If they do not, then they provide a few tips so that we might skip the first few emails bouncing back and forth on the topic.

Are you free for consulting work?

I'm currently employed full time at Paradox Interactive. I also have a lot of side-projects on the go which doesn't leave me with much spare time. If you need someone to take a day or two to look over a project proposal or review a code-base, then by all means get in touch. However, if you are looking for someone who might help you build your next iPhone/iPad project, I simply don't have the time - but I can highly recommend getting in touch with Ben Dodson, who is a veteren iOS developer based in the UK.

Are you interested in a new role?

I have a full-time role at Paradox Interactive and I'm quite happy there for the time being - it's been a great environment for me to grow as a leader, the people are excellent and it's a great company that puts "Getting Shit Done" high on the list. As such, I'm not actively looking for a new role at the moment.

With that said, I'm always interested in knowing more about what opportunities are out there - especially when it comes to small teams working on innovative new ideas. One day, I aim to run my own company again with a group of talented individuals - so if you are looking to chat to a potential CTO for a business centered on gaming and/or technology, feel free to reach out. However, if you just have an idea and nothing more and are looking for someone to build it, well, check out the next point...

I have a cool idea, will you build it?

While I'm always interested in meeting with potential partners for future business ventures, please bear in mind that doesn't mean I will simply build that app idea you've had in your head for the last couple of years that you are hoping to get built without funding. I'm looking to one-day be a founder or CTO in a company with a vision that aligns with my own and a product that I believe in - but I'm definitely not in a rush as I'm quite happy in my current role.

Outside of that, if you need someone to build an app idea that you have - your best bet is honestly to raise funding and pay someone. Trying to hook someone on "20% of your million dollar idea" which is "not at all like Facebook, but it's a social media platform for foodies" rarely ends well unless you can genuinely find someone who believes in your idea or you find investment and pay some smart people to build it for you.