iSAM Mobi is an easy and intuitive iPhone app giving you real-time read/write access to your SugarCRM or iSAM sales and marketing system. Developed primarily to work with iSAM 5.5, this iPhone and iPad application provides real-time read and write synchronisation of your company data stored on your iSAM server. In addition we’ve enabled access to data for users of SugarCRM Community Edition server, version 5.5 and upwards. With Version 2.0 of iSAM Mobi, you can now run this application on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Screenshot of iSAM Mobi for iPad

New features include multiple accounts, custom fields and modules, and improved global search and custom data filters. To see how iSAM Mobi works with your iSAM or SugarCRM instance, try out iSAM Mobi Lite. iSAM Mobi Lite is a free version of iSAM Mobi that allows you to read your most important data while on the move.