Having recently picked up a copy of MODO 701 with the intent of learning a bit more about 3D modelling for any Indie Games that I decide to put together in the future, I thought I good learning exercise would be to build a set of models for modders to use in their custom dungeons for Legend of Grimrock. While the mod-scene is quietening down a bit at the moment, I figure I should have a pretty big pack put together by the time LOG2 comes out and it should be easy to port them across.

The Oriental Weapons pack currently includes a small number of new weapons that you can add to your custom dungeons. So far, the weapons are;

  • Kunai: Fast and light weight throwing daggers.
  • Katana & Wakizashi: A pair of swords which can be wielded together to grant a bonus to evasion.
  • Naginata: A reach weapon for those bored of the legionary spear!
  • Nunchaku: A weapon tailored specifically for those skilled in unarmed combat.
  • Quarterstaff: A weapon for mages which gives a bonus to evasion based on ‘staves’ skill.
  • Egg Shell Bombs: Lighter and weaker versions of the main game bombs so that you can give them out a little earlier.

The pack currently weighs in at just a couple of Mb. I hope to keep the finished pack to around 5Mb, although hopefully LoG2 will allow for the new 250Mb limit on Steam Mods so 5Mb won’t mean as much at the end of the day!

Read more and download at the Grimrock Nexus