My initial experiences with a MacBook and the infuriating lack of a hash key unless you know the hidden knowledge of the mac.

Just a couple of days ago saw the acquiring of my new Intel MacBook. It wasn’t many hours into using my new piece of hardware that I set myself back to work - some web-design and CSS work was in dire need of completion.Now, there are a few keys that have been moved around on the Mac keyboard compared to my old laptop, and it’s still not unusual for me to have a hunt around the keyboard for a button that I need. The most interesting situation came, however, when it was time to define some CSS elements requiring the Hash Key.

My usual reflex didn’t insert a #, so my eyes headed south. A minute passed and I scanned every key afore me. No sign of a hash - I must have missed it, so I look again. Nothing! Luckily, a friend of mine has a mac, so knows that the ‘intuitive’ short-cut is infact Alt-3.

However, had I not had that support there, I would’ve been rather aggravated. I hope this saves someone some hair-pulling at a later date!Otherwise, my experience with the MacBook has been sterling. It runs very smooth, and most interestingly - everything integrates exceptionally well - even integrating with windoze. If I click on Network Shares, the drives appear instantly, and doesn’t freeze my entire PC just to browse these shared folders. PDF’s no longer freeze my browser, and I can use Firefox just to remind me of my old laptop.

More to come at a later date - but my current mission is to program a Dashboard Widget and some Cocoa demos to see what Mac Development is like.