StarCraft II Crash on Start-Up Fix

John WordsworthGaming57 Comments

I’m making this post in the hope that it saves someone from the hour of pain that I’ve just been through with StarCraft II. I was running StarCraft 2 version 1.02 and have been playing it on and off for the last week or so (it’s great by the way!). I figured I would have a quick blast before cracking on with some programming this evening, and was annoyed to find it wouldn’t launch.

The game would load, I would catch a glimpse of the login screen then the game would crash. I’m running Windows 7, so I tried the following things that have reportedly helped others;

1. ‘Running as Administrator’,

2. Deleting / Renaming the Battle.Net User Folder,

3. Opening up my firewall temporarily,

4. disabling my Anti-virus software,

5. Running a mal-ware scan (AdAware Free) and virus scan.

6. Changing my ‘Internet Options -> LAN Settings’ to not use a Proxy / use automatic settings.

After these all failed, I decided to reinstall, which made the problem worse. This time the game would state that I had to download a patch. Upon clicking ok, it would crash and restart – once again telling me to download the same patch. I didn’t see the launcher software at all, just a flash of a black screen.

Anyway, if you’ve tried all of the above and still can’t get it to work – I found a fix that works for me.

I launched IE (which I rarely use, as I use Chrome or Safari) and found that it was set to ‘Work Offline’. When I disabled this option, and tried again – StartCraft II updated and worked fine. Hope it helps someone.

Edit: If you still can’t get it to work, then some additional suggestions have been made in the comments section below. They are;

1. It’s possible that the BattleNet servers are actually down! There were a lot of people recently visiting this post, but unfortunately, it was simply that there was a period when the BNet servers were down. It’s worth checking Google to see if this is the case. Try disconnecting your Network Cable to run SC2 in Offline mode (Thanks @melsmed).

2. @Komi has reported that a simple reboot of the router might be all that you need!

3. @JamesR404 Makes a good point – if the client requires a stable network connection, make sure that there isn’t a firewall / port-block in effect on the router preventing you from connecting to the servers.

4. @Nathan Thanks for the additional suggestion; “The other day i acquired a virus somehow which changed IE’s proxy settings. If John’s method doesn’t work straight up then check your proxy settings.”

5. @Denbatte has found that, with Windows 7, if you have a ‘Virtual Wifi Miniport’ enabled (in adapters in the network centre) then you may need to disable any virtual ports that exist (right click -> disable). Many thanks for leaving the additional fix idea in the comments.

Thanks all!

John WordsworthStarCraft II Crash on Start-Up Fix

57 Comments on “StarCraft II Crash on Start-Up Fix”

  1. Nerdy

    I had the same exact problem. I tried restarting, and it still didn’t work. Then I found this post and did what you did, and it worked fine. Also, this was the reason why my steam browser wasn’t working. Thanks.

  2. EquinoxV

    Wow! Thanks! Never would have thought to check IE settings, especially because StarCraft 2 worked fine a few weeks ago, but today it would not launch and I found that somehow my IE settings had been changed to use a proxy. I use Firefox so I didn’t know. Once I disabled the proxy since my connection does not use one, and was able to connect to the internet with IE, StarCraft 2 was able to launch properly. Apparently it relies on the IE connection settings! Thanks again!

  3. thankful

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS WORKED PERFECTLY!!! The game would close as soon as i typed the email and clicked enter at the login screen. Turns out IE’s settings had been messed up by the airport wifi security etc…i was using the free wifi between flights a few days ago. Very strange yet helpfull fix thank you

  4. Repository

    Fantastic! This is a great solution and I only wish it showed up higher in Google searches to save us time.

  5. Alex

    Thank you a lot for this information! After quite a frustrating web search with random tips like: downgrade to vista, change your power supply, etc. this helped instantly and the Starcraft 2 freezes are completely gone.

  6. Wes

    I checked my IE and firefox and both were not set to work offline and my SC2 was still buggering when I tried switching it to offline mode and online mode. Any tips on how to fix this?

  7. Zodiac

    wow good job seriously! I could already vision myself uninstalling and reinstalling and trying everything and getting frustrated but i found this and now it works perfect…
    thanks alot! finding help from people like you is the reason we have internet!

    i mean that and SC2 :D

  8. thenoob

    hi i might be a “noob” to ask this. but IE is internet explore right? by launch do you then just mean to start it? and how do you see that it is set to work offline? and how do you chance it? anyone who knows, plz reply to this

  9. melsmed

    Right now, Bnet servers are down.
    Disconnect your internet/network cable, start the game and play in offline mode.

    The problem is, the game is trying to talk to the servers and is not getting a response, then hangs.

    1. John Wordsworth

      @melsmed – Lol, I wondered where all of the hits came from on my blog yesterday – seems that when the BattleNet servers go down this post gets a lot of interest! Thanks for the additional tip, I’ll edit the original post incase this happens again in the future.

  10. JamesR404

    Wow, how silly that IE offline would be relevant. I didn’t realize the menu freezing at startup would point to a connection problem.

    I’ve got quite a flaky wifi connection, and although it never gave me issues before, I could finally start starcraft if I disabled the wifi. Yay!

    Maybe some house mate blocked a port or something, at least I know where to look now! Thanks!!

  11. Albin

    Doesn’t work for me… Work Offline was enabled, I turned it off but still get these annyoing crashes.

  12. Komi

    If all fails try to reset your wifi, turn it on and off on the computer and also on the mains. worked for me


  13. John Wordsworth

    @thenoob: You can set IE to work online / offline by loading up Internet Explorer, clicking on the ‘File’ menu and unchecking ‘Work Offline’. It’s slightly different in the different versions, but it seems that SC2 uses Internet Explorer’s internet connection settings for it’s launcher.

    @Komi: thanks for the additional tip, I’ll add that to the list of things to try!

    @JamesR404: Good luck in resolving your issue and getting back to StarCraft 2.

  14. Maria

    I had to reinstall in the end but kept my save games , thank for all the options , sometimes , if you do not own an static IP (like me) it would help to use a VPN connection in order to have an unique IP from another country and see if the server and stuff is all goody.

    1. John Wordsworth

      Glad that this post helps. I’m really surprised that people are still finding this post useful. Back when I posted it, I figured these sorts of things would have been fixed in a patch by now!

  15. jtwm

    hey i checked was working online and didnt have to change the work offline…. it loads and then right before the login screen comes up it just exits the game !! what do i do

  16. Nathan

    This post was extremely helpful. John’s op was close to my problem but not quite. The other day i acquired a virus somehow which changed IE’s proxy settings. If John’s method doesn’t work straight up then check your proxy settings.
    Thanks John. I would’ve spent ages looking for the problem in Starcraft files. Not IE’s settings.

    1. John Wordsworth

      Thanks Nathan, I’ll update the original post with your comment to give people a list of all of the things they can try in one place.

    1. John Wordsworth

      Glad to have helped. Now, I’ve not played StarCraft in a while, I think it might be time to boot it up again!

  17. Finhorn

    I had the same problem with IE up and running. I fixed mine by Right-clicking the SC2 icon and selecting “repair.” the blizard utility found a bad fail and downloaded a fix. Then I run it without crashing.

  18. AngryProbe

    Damn IE proxy settings, keep you from getting new patches, so Bnet wont let you in. Seems stupid to go through IE but i guess you need to use one. Def run ad-aware too if you run into this problem. The proxy settings dont change themselves so you need to remove something from your computer. Thanks for the help guys

  19. James

    So.. I have MAc and am having these issues. I can start it up and play offline, once I bring it online SC2 Freezes and I have to manually restart my MAC.

    1. John Wordsworth

      Hi James, I’m afraid I have no experience of playing StarCraft 2 on a Mac. I loaded it onto one of our iMacs at work once, just to see if it would work, but it seemed to play just fine when I did that a few months ago. I’m terribly sorry – but I don’t think I have any advice for you!

  20. denbatte

    I had the same problem and managed to fix it.
    Windows 7 has a function called virtual wifi miniport (look at the adapters in the network centre). If you disable the 2 virtual ports (right click -> disable) and they turn gray than you should be able to run SC and update and play. I alse turned of my wireless network and played by utp cable but I think that should not make a difference.

    Hope it helps!

    1. John Wordsworth

      Many thanks for the additional solution – I will add it to the list above so that future visitors have all of the options available when they run into problems with loading / updating SC2!

  21. Jake

    Turning your firewall off really helps. As soon as i turned it off, i discovered i hadn’t fully patched yet. Thanks for the help.

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