As an active member of the Legend of Grimrock I’ve made a number of contributions to the Legend of Grimrock mod scene. On this page you can see all of those contributions in one place and find out more about them.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder Kingmaker Twitch Mod

A standalone mod for Pathfinder: Kingmaker by Owlcat Games which integrates with Twitch to allow people who are watching you stream to control parts of the game.

Mod Tools

Grimrock Model Toolkit

Written in C# and DirectX the GMT allows modders to convert Legend of Grimrock models to OBJ format and to load OBJ, 3DS or DXF 3D models, assign materials to mesh segments and then save those models for use in custom Grimrock dungeons. The GMT has been used by a large number of mods to date.

Grimrock Atlas Toolkit

Written in Qt / C++ this tool takes any number of PNG files, resizes them to fit into Grimrock’s 72×72 pixel icon size and then lays them out on a texture atlas. Atlasses can be saved direct to DDS format for use in Legend of Grimrock dungeons.


A prototyped command line tool written using C++ and the FBX SDK to import animated 3D models in FBX format into Legend of Grimrock mods. Supports skinned animation with up to 4 bone weights per vertex. While rather picky, some of the animated models added to the ‘ORRR2’ mod were imported using this tool.

Mod Contributions

One Room Round Robin

This dungeon was created by 17 different modders who each contributed one room. My room was the ‘Chamber of Morpheus’ in which the player transports between the waking world and the dream world to solve a puzzle. The mod includes a number of custom models created using the GMT.

One Room Round Robin 2

This dungeon was created by 22 different modders, who each contributed one room. My room was the ‘Tomb of Xanalin’ and is a throwback to the classic Dungeon Master where you must empower a staff to trap and kill an invulnerable foe. This mod also includes my QuickBar, NoteBook and Oriental Weapons as well as dozens of models made using the GMT and GrimFBX. Game Components for Other Modders

Grimrock QuickBar / Quick Action Bar

Built using the in game lua scripting, this QuickBar was released to be dropped into other people’s dungeons and allows the player to quickly drink potions and switch out gear from the inventory to the hands. HotKeys can be customised. Used in a number of mods on the Grimrock Nexus.

Grimrock Oriental Weapons Pack

Having picked up a copy of MODO 701 when it was on offer, I wanted to improve my 3D modelling skills. This small weapon pack consists of a number of oriental themed weapons for mods that would like to use them. Contains a katana, wakizashi, nunchaku, kunai, naginata, quarterstaff and eggshell bombs.

Grimrock Notebook Container

A drop-in component that can easily be added to any Legend of Grimrock dungeon which provides a special container for notes and scrolls so that they no longer need to clutter up your inventory. Able to store up to 30 notes, the notes are rendered on a special notebook GUI. Pre-created notebooks can also be added to your mod with up to 30 pages in.