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Quick Fix for Really Slow Remote Desktop to Vista (X64)

I have spent a few hours today trying to use a Remote Desktop Connection from my Macbook to my Vista X64 machine on the same local network. After countless hits of exceptionally slow speed, I realised that it wasn’t network bandwidth or even heavy CPU usage that was slowing down my experience.

Print Screen on a Mac

Some tips about the plethora of ways to capture an image of the desktop (or parts of the desktop) on a Mac Book / Apple's OSX.

Mono - Running .NET Applications on OSX/Linux

Mono allows users of Linux and OSX to run .NET Applications written in C# and Visual Basic on their computers. While not perfect - it opens up a whole batch of applications to users of Linux and OSX.

Hello Mac, Bye Bye Hash Key?

My initial experiences with a MacBook and the infuriating lack of a hash key unless you know the hidden knowledge of the mac.

HTC TyTn / Hermes on 3 / Three Mobile (UK)

After purchasing a Vodafone v1605 (aka. the HTC TyTn / Hermes), I tell my story of getting my new toy to work on the 3 Mobile Network - with Planet 3 and all.

Logical Prediction of Web 3.0

A complete stab in the dark at what could well be some of the defining features of what will one day, undoubtedly, have the mysterious name 'Web 3.0'. I thought I would extrapolate the lines that connect the 'read only web 1.0' to the features we know relate to Web 2.0.

Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD - My Predictions

With the Sony PS3 pushing Blu-Ray to consumers and the X-Box 360 add-on advancing HD-DVD in the public domain, I thought it time to give full consideration to both formats in an effort to predict which format will be dominant and which will go the way of Betamax.