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Photoshop Sprite Sheet Generator Script Released

I recently wrote a Photoshop Plugin that exports a layered PSD file as a flat spritesheet where each layer represents a single sprite on the final image. The script currently supports just a simple grid layout of each layer and makes no special efforts to account for blank space around each layer.

Sprite Font Builder - Version 0.8.0 Released

Originally intended as a small spare-time project to learn more about the Qt framework, Sprite Font Builder ended up growing bigger than I had originally imagined. I wanted to add something to this application to make it stand out from other bitmap font creators…

Sprite Font Builder Preview

I've been working on a small Qt application which allows you to generated fancy bitmap fonts for use in 2D game engines. Read more to find out about my latest progress.

Plist Pad 0.1.0 - Plist Editor for Windows Released

Plist Pad is a Propertly List / Plist file editor for Windows (and soon, OSX and Linux). It is intended to bring a friendly and simple to use interface to Plist editing on operating systems other than OSX and will provide a number of features in the future to make editing large plist files easier (such as find/replace).