Blog Posts in 'Programming'

Disabling FreeImage Plugins

FreeImage is a popular, open source library for reading and writing images in over 30 different formats. We only needed 6 formats in a recent project, so disabled the other plugins to make builds faster and smaller.

Fixing 'Invalid Binary - Invalid Signature' on the iOS App Store

While working on a recent iOS App for a client, I ran into a problem after submitting the app to the App Store. Read more to learn about potential ways to fix 'Invalid Binary - Invalid Signature' errors.

XNA 3.0 - Reading Text Files on the Xbox

We are making strong progress on an XNA Community Game title that we are working on and I have just spend a good 30 minutes trying to figure this out. Hence, I'm writing this as a future reference for myself and in the hope that it might help any coders out there trying to achieve the same thing.