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Gaming on the 12 inch Macbook (2016)

After travelling quite a lot during 2016, I decided to pick up a 12-inch MacBook so that I could travel light and run Xcode/Jekyll on the go. I didn’t expect much from a 1.2Ghz m5 processor but, in preparation for a recent trip, I downloaded some games to try out regardless. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, even if I won’t be playing my favourite AAA games away from home.

StarCraft II Crash on Start-Up Fix

I’m making this post in the hope that it saves someone from the hour of pain that I’ve just been through with StarCraft II. I was running StarCraft 2 version 1.02 and have been playing it on and off for the last week or so (it’s great by the way!). I figured I would have a quick blast before cracking on with some programming this evening, and was annoyed to find it wouldn’t launch.

Vendetta Online Introduction

I've been playing Vendetta Online for a couple of months now in the little spare time I have, and I wanted to put a little bit of background onto my blog before launching into some screenshots of the skin that I'm working on for this game.